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Oil & Gas EPCM Services

Gas Plants

Gas Plants

MiMiC Dynamic Simulation allows operations managers of gas processing plants to:

  • Train operators on infrequent and dangerous process occurrences
  • Properly prepare an inexperienced operator workforce and create a smooth knowledge transfer process
  • Reduce variability and increase production through smoother plant operations
  • Test control system enhancements
  • Reduce time to market and increase on-stream time
  • Increase overall plant safety

This package uses MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects for dynamic, real-time, first principles modeling. The MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects are part of the MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects License that adds sophisticated modeling objects into the MiMiC Simulation Studio modeling palette. These Objects can be used on MiMiC systems for application software testing or operator training. The MiMiC Advanced Modeling Objects License provides:

  • Medium-High to High Fidelity simulation performance
  • Rigorous first principles process modeling using proven dynamic, real-time modeling methods
  • Unit operation modeling objects
  • Easy handling of individual stream component physical properties using MiMiC Component Sets
  • Block to block communications of all parameters with one connection using MiMiC streams
  • MiMiC OTM Process Snapshot support
  • MiMiC OPC Server access to all model parameters

In MiMiC Simulation Studio, process models using these objects can be integrated with any other models or MiMiC dynamic modeling blocks. All modeling objects in MiMiC are IEC1131 function blocks.

Models can be built off-line and then viewed executing on-line with real-time values from the MiMiC Simulation engine. The process of going from off-line model building to on-line model tuning is fast and intuitive.

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