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Oil & Gas EPCM Services



TNT Engineering has a well-deserved reputation for working successfully in some of most challenging terrain, including the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and on sensitive farmland.

Armed with the latest technological know-how, we are known in the industry for developing innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Experienced in the installation of steel, fiberglass, FlexSteel, FlexPipe, Fiberspar Linepipe and HDPE pipe, we’re experts at building pipelines that range in size from 60 mm to 324 mm in diameter.

  • 2″ – 16″ OD steel
  • Composites
  • Fibreglass
  • Liners

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TNT Engineering

North America,
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Greenfield Projects

TNT Engineering works on greenfield projects.

What separates us from others is our ability to optimize existing fields.
Find solutions that increase production and decrease operating costs.