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Mobile Oil Treater (M.O.T.)

Eliminating acid, gas, water, salt, sand and silt from crude oil.

Mobile Oil Treater (M.O.T.)

Mobile Oil Treater (MOT) is a device for eliminating acid, gas, water, salt, sand and silt from crude oil and pumping it to the pipeline during the drilling, repairing, acidizing and testing of oil wells.

This device also could be utilized for different oil wells with different oil properties. As emphasized in its name, this device is mobile and it is possible to utilize it on any needed oil well and then easily transfer and install it on another one. It is composed of seven trailers.

Process Equipment Unit One

Separation of solid, sand particle, silt and three phase of oil, water and vapour. This installation contains of following main components:

  • Desander & Slurry Tank (for Sand particles removal)
  • 3-Phase Separator
  • Desilter (for sediment particles removal)
  • Choke Manifold

Process Equipment Unit Two

Treated oil from de-salter and other units are sent to second trailer to the Surge Drum to store and then pump to production plant. This package contains of following components:

  • Surge Drum
  • Oil Transfer Pumps

Utility Unit

Utility trailer is used to provide utilities for all MOT packages including:

  • Instrument Air Package
  • Diesel Generators
  • Gas Oil Storage Tank
  • Gas Oil Pump
  • Nitrogen Package
  • Control Panel

De-salter Unit

After the separation of sediment particles from oil flow, it transfers to the de-salter in order to separate salt water from the oil emulsion in oil.

This water normally contains:

  • dissolved salts
  • principally chlorides of sodium
  • calcium, and magnesium.

De-salting can be performed in a single stage, with high efficiency.

Injection Package

Injection package consist of four injection packages. Each injection package consists of a storage tank and two injection pumps.

  • Caustic soda, to control oil PH and neutralize of the residual acid in oil
  • Xylene, to dissolve asphaltenes
  • Demulsifier, to separate water from oil
  • Corrosion inhibitor

Porta Cabin

This cabin includes kitchen, accommodations, wash hand basin and water closet (flush-able toilet).

A control package is installed on a unit as control room for systematic control of oil treatment operation. All instruments units are connected to control system via connecting cables. The control system consists of:

  • PLC & ESD system
  • Remote I/O station which are installed in each process unit
  • Engineering/operator station

Safety System

  • Fire capsules (fire extinguisher) are installed as required
  • All trailers have fire and gas alarm systems
  • PLC mechanism is Sile 3
  • Backup generator and compressor

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