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Well Tie-Ins

Well Tie-Ins

Well tie-in projects are either sweet or sour, gas or oil. These projects can expand in scope to include separators, boosters and other facility work. TNT Engineering can provide a set of deliverables that enables our clients to customize a well tie-in package that will meet their needs.

Well tie-ins can be introduced to new or existing lines. Generally, a tie-in involves establishing a connection and valve system to control the distribution flow, venting, drainage or diversion through the pipeline.

TNT Engineering has the experience to consult, design, and build a custom tie-in system for your specific needs. Our experts understand regulations and design with safety and compliance top-of-mind.

If you need help designing a tie-in project, expanding an existing system, or navigating proper safety considerations, contact our office for expert advice.

The Alberta Government produces a simple and clean glossary of terms if you want to become familiar with more industry terminology.

See Alberta Energy.

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