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TNT Engineering

Vision, Mission, Values

TNT Engineering

Today Not Tomorrow

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM)

TNT Engineering offers the advantage of single-source efficiency throughout the entire project and along the entire vertical, from the wellhead to the refinery.

TNT Engineering will support every aspect of your project:

  • engineering
  • automation
  • management
  • inspection and
  • regulatory & operations support.

Providing Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management services in Western Canada, northeast United States, the Middle East and Asia.

Vision Statement

To work in a world where creative engineering design allows oil and gas construction projects to be completed on budget while meeting the highest standards for safety and quality.

Mission Statement

At TNT Engineering, we support this vision by designing facilities and pipelines that meet and anticipate our clients’ needs, are practical, safe and productive in the field, and set the industry standard for reducing costs to our clients. For us, this is the essence of creative engineering design. We will never do something simply because “it’s the way it has always been done.”

Corporate Values

We Do The Right Thing: Our clients’ projects are by nature complex. Complexity means expense because it affects planning, practicality of design, and changes. For that reason we will always do right by our clients. We do that by maintaining a mix of deep engineering and field experience with the people we hire. We use that experience to not only meet our clients’ needs but to anticipate them and, in some cases, inform them when we know the design will help them achieve success.

We Work Like A Family: What does a family feel look like at TNT Engineering? We are an office of 40 – 50 talented engineers who know each other well, can quickly delegate according to each other’s strengths, and can grab each other for a coffee when decisions need to happen quickly. We support our employees in their desire for quality of life outside of the office. We know that taking care of our employees properly means our clients will be taken care of properly.

We Are Nimble: When change happens in your world, we can respond quickly, make a change quickly, and develop a solution that could be something no one has thought of before. Our depth and range of experience, and our size, and our commitment to getting the job done, provides us with the agility our clients need.

TNT Engineering

TNT Engineering

North America,
Latin America,
Middle East

& Asia

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