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The People Behind TNT Engineering are


Neil Gunderman


When Neil started TNT Engineering with Trevor Kearnes and Trevor Skippen in the fall of 2010, he saw an opportunity to marry technical skills with practical sense. Years of working in the field taught Neil how important that relationship can be.

“Quite often you would get a set of drawings telling you what to build and practically speaking there was usually a better way to do it.”

Changes would make a client’s facility safer, more practical and more efficient, but those late changes also meant delays and cost overruns.

At TNT Engineering, Neil’s ability to visualize a site and how it should all come together is woven into the design process, ensuring a practical and technical design is delivered to the client. This marriage also drives hiring at TNT Engineering, setting it apart. Having a diverse team with a mix of technical expertise and practical experience allows TNT to “do things better.” For Neil, the joy is in seeing it all come together.

“I like seeing projects move from conception to full on construction and completion. I love being in the field and seeing the design get built.”

Neil Gunderman
Prinicpal, TNT Engineering

Trevor Kearnes


When Trevor Kearnes spent a summer operating a 240 tonne haul truck in Fort McMurray, he probably didn’t realize driving a piece of machinery that made him feel like he was on the moon was going to help him run an engineering firm later in life. When he ran crews of 75 Elk Valley coal miners, he may have wondered what people skills and engineering know-how have in common.

Yet Trevor’s years of practical experience and his talent for working with people give him those special qualities so necessary to making clients happy: he listens and he understands.

“When someone has a concern or a complaint, it might seem little but it isn’t to them. If you are working a 12 hour shift and that thing bugs you every five minutes, it’s going to get to you.”

The Principals at TNT Engineering are different, in experience and style, but Trevor believes that is a good thing.

“Our design benefits from our differences. When we design oil batteries or big equipment sites, we don’t just think about the engineering. We think about the site and the people who are working in it.”

Trevor Kearnes
Principal, TNT Engineering


Trevor Skippen


If you ask Trevor Skippen what TNT does to keep clients coming back over and over again, he’ll have a hard time answering.

“The trouble with this industry is no one is reinventing the wheel.”

But come back they do, often looking for Trevor Skippen. When Trevor started TNT with Neil Gunderman and Trevor Kearnes in 2010, he thought the hardest part would be getting work. It turned out the hardest part was finding the right people to fill the demand for TNT’s resources.

“You always wonder if you are as good as you think you are.”

But when clients start saying, ‘You should start your own business,’ and then those clients follow you wherever you go, I guess it confirms you’re doing something right.” The something right is likely Trevor’s ability to absorb large amounts of information and carefully apply that information to solve client problems with elegant and precise design.

“It’s not school. You don’t shoot for 80 or 90%. It’s got to be 100%”

Trevor Skippen
Principal, TNT Engineering

Our Team

TNT Engineering consists of 3 principals and several team members.

The team consists of:

  • project and office managers
  • engineers
  • technologists
  • piping designers
  • and draftsmen.

As part of our procurement services, we are prepared to hire the necessary team to complete your project on time, on budget and safely.


Join Our Team

We are thrilled that you’re interested in a career with our team. We are always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated people with real-world experience to join TNT Engineering.


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